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Increase your product offerings and sales revenue by becoming a dealer for our prefab horse barns! Please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch with you.

Please note that our barns will start shipping in the fall/winter of 2023 due to being a new product. Sign up today to be one of our dealers and enjoy having the competitive edge later this year when our prefab horse barns become available!

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We offer several ways to partner with us in our dealer network:


Shed Manufacturers & Dealers:
Ready to expand your company's offerings? We ship you our premium, powder-coated frames, and you provide the metal, pressure-treated lumber, hardware, and arrange shipping.


Regional Builder for Ironwood:
Looking for new business or career opportunities with a flexible schedule? Become a regional builder where we ship complete kits to you, and you assemble them.


Regional Sales Rep for Ironwood:
Love sales and want more opportunities? Partner with us to become a regional sales representative.